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Building the converter

To build the pip package with the converter, Bazel needs to know for which Python version to build the package. If you are using a Python virtual environment, please run bazel from that environment, as Bazel will automatically detect the Python version of the virtual environment.

Bazel will detect the Python version the first time you try to build anything that requires Python. If you have run Bazel outside of your virtual environment and now want to run it in the environment, you have to make Bazel re-detect the Python version. This requires a full clean, a normal clean is not enough to trigger the redetection.:

bazel clean --expunge

Install the TensorFlow pip package to ensure that all required dependencies are available:

pip install tensorflow

To build the pip package, now simply run

bazel build :build_pip_pkg
bazel-bin/build_pip_pkg artifacts

The script stores the wheel file in the artifacts/ directory located in the LCE root directory. To install the PIP package:

pip install artifacts/*.whl

To build a manylinux2010-compatible pip package, follow the steps in this guide.